Some Other Cars I've Owned

1966 Rambler Classic 2-dr HT, 1970 Triumph Herald Conv, 1947 Chrysler Windsor
3 cars

1955 Plymouth Belvedere (V8, automatic)
55 Plymouth

55 Plymouth

1978 Triumph Spitfire Mk IV

Latest addition - 1974 Triumph Spitfire Mk IV. Largely original, hard and soft tops.

Spitfire - front

Typical British sports car interior - wood on dash, black-faced Smiths gauges etc.
Spitfire - interior

Spitfire - rear

Spitfire - side

1978 Triumph 2500S

We currently own this 1978 Triumph 2500S with 90,000 km since new. The 2500S was the last of the 2000-2500 series and in my opinion the best. It includes extras such as power steering, front sway bar, Stag-type alloy wheels, full instrumentation and a 4-speed manual gearbox with overdrive on 3rd and 4th.

1978 Triumph 2500S

Classic British interior - wood on dash & doors, black-faced Smiths gauges etc.
2500S Interior

2500S Rear