Installing Nuts Retaining Stainless Trim Over Door Handles:





Installing the new nuts that retain the stainless steel strip over the door
handles: this requires a few things. First, a nice calm day. Second to ensure
it will be calm, a shot of Jack Daniels will help! Next get a ratchet,
several long extensions, a flexible extension or two, a universal joint, and
a six point socket of the appropriate size. Put a small dab of body caulk
into the end of socket, then push the special nut with the built in washer
into the socket. Apply some body caulking into the washer area. Set the trim
piece in place with the fasteners and sealant as required. Open the door. Lay
on the floor. Put a snake light into the door. Have another shot of Jack. Now
feed the long extensions into the door, and install the nuts. Make sure
before you fully crank them down that the trim piece is exactly where you
want it.