Adjusting Gauges





I have read quite a lot of articles about incorrect reading gauges, but
only once have I read anything to the fact that some, if not all, are
adjustable. Yes adjustable.
The gauges on my 65TB and also on a complete set of spares, there is a small
hole in the top of the fuel, temperature, and oil pressure gauges. This is
where the gauge is adjusted.
To get to the fuel gauge, remove the bezel from the gauge by removing the
small screw on the bottom of it. Remove the two screws that hold the guage
in place and pull the guage out of the case as far as the attaching wires
will allow.. Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL not to bend and damage the needle. With
a small flashlight, look into the hole and you will see a slot on one side
of the part a short distance down in the hole. Opposite this slot is a
series of slots that look like small gear. Now, take a small blade type
screwdriver that is exactly the right size to fit into the single slot and
one of the gear slots at the same time. You may have to grind the
screwdriver to fit.
With a FULL fuel tank, turn on the ignition, and very slowly turn the
screwdriver (and gear slots) until the fuel guage reads full. By doing
this, you will be moving the gear type slots and adjusting the needle of the
guage. Turn the ignition on and off several times and see if the needle
returns to full then to empty (or slightly below). Replace the guage and
check again. Just to be safe, take a can of gasoline with you until you can
see what the needle is reading when you are close to empty. Also when
close to empty, fill your tank and notice how much fuel it takes to fill the
tank, therfore you will know how was still in the tank. The tank holds 20
gallons total.

The temperature and oil pressure guages do not have numbers, so you can only
adjust the needles where you think they should be when you KNOW what the
true temperature of oil pressure are. Check these with mechanical type
guages to be sure.

I realize that these instructions may be hard to follow, so if you have
questions, let me know.

Don Adcock